Paper number 1024


Olga Y. Buryan1, Victor U. Novikov1, and Igor A. Todoshchenko2

1Moscow State Open University, 129805, P. Korchagin St.,22, Moscow, Russia
2Institute for Physical Ploblems, R A S, Kosygin St., 2, Moscow, Russia

Summary In the present work we have proposed the new method of the modelling of composites with interphases. The properties of the element of the structure, including fiber and interphases, were determined by the original strict analytical solution of the problem of the theory of elasticity. The problem of the stress-strain distribution of the elementary cell of composite was solved numerically with the determined effective elastic properties of the subsystem "fiber + interphases". It is very difficult to apply rather dense net for adequate covering the region of the thin interphase layer, using the numerical methods. The main advantage of the method presented is considering the interphase analytically. Treating the experimental data for glass- and carbo-composites with the help of the developed computer programmes we have extracted the effective properties of interphases for each composite. The last represents the most interest, as these perameters are unknown beforehand, while designing the composites.
Keywords interphase, micromechanics, analytical solution, numerical modelling, elastic properties, fractal structure.

Theme : Interface and Interphase

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