Paper number 1132


A. I. Beyle1, V. L. Kulakov1, D. D. Mungalov1, Yu. M. Tarnopol'skii1

1Institute of Polymer Mechanics of Latvian University, Riga, LV-1006, Latvia

Summary Paper is devoted to analysis of effective deformative characteristics of 3-D composites formed by spatial braiding along the generatrices of a one-sheet hyperboloid. Relationships between geometric and technological parameters, which determine structure and properties of a braided composite, are derived. Elastic characteristics are calculated on the base of suggested elementary cell of the composite structure and method of orientational averaging. Dependencies of bending and torsional stiffnesses of thick-walled cylindrical rods made by the suggested method of spatial braiding and methods of winding on angle of braiding/winding are compared. Numerical estimations are obtained for rods of carbon (CFRP) and aramid (AFRP) fibre reinforced plastics.
Keywords spatial braiding, angle and degree of braiding, composite rods, torsional and bending stiffnesses.

Theme : Textiles ; Braided Structures

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