Paper number 1150


Hein Schellens1 and Ton Peijs 1,2

1Materials Technology, Department of Mechanical Engineering,
Eindhoven University of Technology. email:
PO Box 513, NL-5600 MB Eindhoven, The Netherlands
2Department of Materials, Queen Mary and Westfield College,
University of London.
Mile End Road, London E1 4NS, United Kingdom

Summary Due to economic development within the European community the amount of transported load will grow substantially within the next 15 years. Since road transport comprises 75% of the total transport, the growth will result in an increase of transport by road of 25%. This increase, however, is in conflict with our growing environmental awareness. Therefore, in order to decrease the emission of CO2 and NOx, there is a need to increase the maximum pay-load and, at the same time, increase the utilisation of a tractor-semitrailer combination. The pay-load increases by lowering the net tare weight (for weight based transport) or increasing the inner volume (for volume based transport). With a multi-functional semitrailer the chances of an empty return are minimised, and subsequently the utilisation increases. A sandwich based chassisless design concept shows that it is possible to increase the pay-load and utilisation simultaneously without a drastic increase of the costs.
Keywords transport vehicle, foam-cored sandwich structure, lightweight, trailer.

Theme : Industrial Applications ; Automotive Applications

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