Paper number 1163


V. Gorobinskay1, I. Kravtchenko2 and L. Zabava3

1Institute for Problems of Material Science, Ukrainian Academy of Sciences
3 Krzhizhanivsky Street, Kiev, 252180, Ukraine
2Technisches Institut: Materialwissenschaft, Friedrich-Schiller-Universität Jena
Löbdergraben 32, Jena, 07743, Germany
3Scientific-industrial society „Basalt insulation composites"
2 Trutenko Street , 252022 Kiev, Ukraine

Summary Properties of continuous mineral fibres and fibre reinforced composites compared to traditional fibreglass are analysed. These fibres have mechanical properties, comparable with S-fibreglass as far as E-modulus is concerned; a higher softening point than E- or Advantex glass and thermal stability up to 600°C. Introducing continuous mineral fibres into composite may cause a very great improvement in thermal and mechanical parameters. In unidirectional continuous mineral fibre reinforced composite on epoxy resin the data of E-modulus varies from 88 to 100 GPa. This makes them compatible with S-fibreglass or Aramid fibre reinforced composites. As a reinforced element of laminates continuous mineral fibres give the composite a more stable dielectric properties compared to E-glass fibres both under wet conditions and at temperatures up to 350°C.
Keywords mineral, basalt, glass, fibre, reinforcement, elastic modulus, laminate, rebar.

Theme : Fibres ; Others

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