Paper number 1177


N. V. Antonova. and L. A. Tretyachenko

National Academy of Science of Ukraine, I.N.Frantsevich Institute for Problems of Materials Science, 3 Krzhyzhanovsky Str., Kiev, 252180, Ukraine

Summary The structure and mechanical properties of the Ti-Si-Ga and Ti-Al-Ga alloys (long-time and hot hardness, bending strength and bending diflection) with "in situ" and intermetalic structure over the temperature rang of 20-8000C are presented. The samples were prepared by melting under an pure argon in arc- furnace from commercially available metals. The correlation between structure and mechanical properties is discussed. Mecanical properties of the alloys investigated in this work are given in comparision with properties of the industrial alloy VT-18 (Ti-7Al-11Zr-0.6Mo-1Nb (mass.%)). The investigated alloys are found to possess considerably more high strength at the medium and elevated temperatures than that of the industrial alloy VT-18, but they have a worse ductility at the room temperatures. Thus gallium can be used as effective element for the improving of the Ti alloys mechanical properties.
Keywords Ti-Ga-Si system, Ti-Ga-Al alloys, liquidus surface, isothermal section, mechanical properties, gallium, silicon, martensitic transformation.

Theme : Metal Matrix Composites

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