Paper number 1196


D.M. Gleich1 and M.J.L. van Tooren

1Delft University of Technology, Department of Aerospace Engineering, Structures and Materials Laboratory,
Kluyverweg 3, 2629 HS Delft

Summary The shear and peel stress distribution in a single-lap, tapered-lap and modified scarf joint between two isotropic adherends is analysed using a linear elastic analysis. The analysis is incorporated into a computerised toolbox for joint design purposes. A finite difference method is used to solve the differential equations for the shear and peel stress distribution over the joint. Boundary conditions used limit the analysis to joints symmetric in material and geometry for the scarf joint case. The adherends are modelled as plates with extensional and bending stiffness bonded together with an elastic interlayer. The stresses across the adhesive layer are assumed to be constant. The single-lap results agree very well with Goland and Reissners'. The modified scarf joint shows significant reductions in adhesive stresses over the single and tapered lap configurations.
Keywords adherend bending, peel stresses, blunt adherend tips, finite difference method, stress analysis, adhesive bond.

Theme : Joints ; Bonded joints

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