Paper number 1231


Marek Barlak1, Jaroslaw Grzes1, Katarzyna Pietrzak2

1Warsaw University of Technology, Faculty of Production Engineering
Department of Welding Engineering, 85 Narbutta Str., 02-524 Warsaw, Poland
2Institute of Electronic Materials Teckyology, 133 Wolczynska Str., 01-919 Warsaw, Poland

Summary The paper presents basic information about the character and morphology of the Functionally Graded Materials. This paper presents the results of experiments on joining copper and nickel by using gradient interlayer. Three subsequent layers have been applied on the copper substrate using the brush-plating method: copper, copper and nickel (5O wt.% Cu and 5Owt.% Ni) and nickel. The Giant Dragon Technical Development Corporation electrolytes have been used in this process. The samples were diffusion bonded with a sample of pure nickel (process parameters: temperature: 860C vacuum: l-10-5 Tr, time: 30, 120, 360 min.). The morphology and the nature of the gradient interlayer between copper and nickel were examined by analysing the dis-tribution of elements, using SEM, and also gradient interlayer microhardness was examined. The authors state that the character and morphology of the gradient interlayer depends on the condi-tions of the diffusion bonding process.
Keywords functionally graded materials, interlayer, brush-plating, diffusion bonding.

Theme : NDE and Reliability ; Others

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