Paper number 1242


A. Muc

Institute of Mechanics & Machine Design, Cracow University of Technology,
ul. Warszawska 24, 31-155 Krak˛w, Poland

Summary The paper deals with the numerical computations of pre - and post - buckling behaviour and with the prediction of a single delamination progression in a compressively loaded composite plates. The aim of the work is to propose the numerical method of fatigue stiffness degradation of a laminated composite structures by the analysis of one possible damage mode only i.e. delaminations. The composite structure is modelled with the use of 3-D finite elements and geometrical nonlinearities (large strains) are taken into account. The analysis includes also the possible contact (with or without friction) between the separated plies in the laminate. The load-displacement curves are used to estimate the overall laminate stiffness degradation. Applying the proposed numerical methodology the computations can be conducted from the initiation of the delamination process up to the prescribed end.
Keywords delaminations, local instabilities, numerical modelling, plates, fatigue problems, contact analysis, nonlinear postbuckling behaviour.

Theme : Composite Structures ; Modelling

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