Paper number 127


Chih-Ping Wu1 and Yu-Chang Hung2

1, 2 Department of Civil Engineering, National Cheng Kung University, Tainan,
Taiwan 70101, Republic of China

Summary The asymptotic differential quadrature (DQ) solutions for the bending analysis of laminated circular conical shells are presented. The formulation begins with the basic equations of three-dimensional elasticity. By means of proper nondimensionalization and asymptotic expansion, the three-dimensional equations can be decomposed into recursive sets of differential equations at various levels. After sucessive integration, we obtain the recursive sets of governing equations of a laminated circular conical shell. The DQ method is adopted for solving the problems of various orders. The differential operators corresponding to the governing equations of various orders remain the same, and the nonhomogeneous terms of the higher-order problems are related to the lower-order solutions. Thus, solution procedure of the DQ method for the leading order can be repeatedly applied for the solution to the higher-order level. The illustrative examples are given to demonstrate the performance of the theory.
Keywords conical shells, the differential quadrature (DQ) method, the classical shell theory, bending analysis, asymptotic theory, perturbation, Fourier series expansion, transverse stresses.

Theme : Composite Structures ; Simulation

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