Paper number 1354


S.Lee, R.S.W.Lee and P. Tong

Advanced Engineering Materials Facility &
Mechanical Engineering Department
The Hong Kong University of Science and Technology
Clear Water Bay, Hong Kong

Summary An investigation has been carried out to determine the effects of bonding composite patch to cracked concrete beams on the flexural properties and to evaluate repairing procedures for practical application. The overall performance of the repaired beams was better than that of the baseline beam in terms of flexural properties. The wet layup long patch gives the best improvement in flexural modulus, yield strength and ultimate strength by 48%, 26% and 14% respectively. Wet layup technique gave better mechanical properties than the precured patch The tested repaired specimens exhibited the predominate shear failure in the concrete and this indicated that shear strengthening of concrete beam could substantially increase the overall structural integrity of the beam.
Keywords composite, concrete beam, repair.

Theme : Reinforcement and repair in Civil Engineering and Building Construction

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