Paper number 1367


G. R. Liu1, and K. Y. Lam2

1Department of Mechanical and Production Engineering
National University of Singapore
10 Kent Ridge Crescent, Singapore 199260
2Institute of High Performance Computing
89B Science Part Drive, #01-05/08 The Rutherford, Singapore 118261

Summary A new quadrature technique is presented to modify the Hybrid Numerical Method (HNM) proposed by the authors earlier for analyzing transient waves in anisotropic laminated plates excited by a time-step point source. In the modified HNM, eigen-frequencies and modal factor functions for wave modes are discretized instead of the discretization of the whole integrand of a Fourier inverse integral. In each rectangular sub-range, the eigen-frequencies and modal factor functions are replaced by planes, and the inverse Fourier integrations are then carried out analytically. The proposed modification can significantly reduce the sampling points in the inverse integrations. The modified HNM is much more efficient than the original HNM, and can be used to compute not only near field and short time responses but also far field and long time responses of anisotropic laminated plates without an increase in sampling points. Numerical examples are presented to demonstrate the modified HNM.
Keywords wave propagation, elastic wave, composite material, laminate, numerical analysis, Fourier transform, numerical quadrature.

Theme : Mechanical and Physical Properties ; Modelling

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