Paper number 145


V. Polyakov

Latvian University, Institute for Polymer Mechanics
23 Aizkraukles, Riga, LV-1006, Latvia

Summary The purpose of this paper is to present an applied theory based on an explicit analytical solution of the bending problem of three-layer sandwich-like plate of an arbitrary asymmetric structure under point loading. Local effects are brought out within the scope of the discrete model considering specific character of filler elastic properties. Local characteristics were shown to be varied several fold according to the asymmetry parameters of a structure.
The solution degeneration peculiarities stemming from sliding of layers and their rigid link in the context of the Kirchhoff-Lowe hypothesis as well as with modification of the model allowing for transverse shear and compression of a normal have been examined in a close agreement with degeneration of geometric and physical parameters of the discrete model adopted. The results have been illustrated as the curves and surfaces with a proper selection of the solution characteristics governing a local effect.
Keywords three-layered plate, cylindrical bending, non-symmetric structure, discrete model, point forces, local effects, moment stresses.

Theme : Composite Structures ; Sandwiches

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