Paper number 198


N.C.Thai1, T.Hasegawa2, S.Aoyama1 , and Z.L.Tun1

1 Division of Environmental Science and Technology, Kyoto University
Sakyo-ku, Kyoto, 606 , Japan
2 Department of Natural Resources Management, Kinki University
Nakamachi, Nara City, Nara 613-8052, Japan

Summary It is often difficult and requires a lot of data to generate interface element of zero or very thin thickness. In this paper a method which automatically determine joint/interface element positions based on material properties of elements is presented. By recording elements around nodal points in a special way, additional nodal points and interface positions are correctly determined. Additional data required is very small. The method is applicable to all one-dimensional and two-dimensional element types and can easily be incorporated into available automatic meshing programs with minor modifications. It was used to generate interface elements of several complicated domains such as in composite materials or geosynthetic reinforced soils successfully. The method also can be extended to three-dimensional cases.
Keywords finite element, joint / interface element, automatic meshing.

Theme : Composite Structures ; Simulation

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