Paper number 240


R. Prabhakaran1, M. Saha2, and T. Galloway3

1,2Department of Mechanical Engineering, Old Dominion University
Norfolk, Virginia 23529, U.S.A.
3College of Engineering and Technology, Old Dominion University
Norfolk, Virginia 23529, U.S.A.

Summary The in-plane Young's modulus (E) and shear modulus (G) of pultruded composites have been measured using piezoelectric sensors. The feasibility of using a single specimen, in the form of a circular disk, has been shown. Two types of piezoelectric crystals, one for producing dilatational waves ('E-crystal') and the other for producing shear waves ('G-crystal') have been utilized. The baseline values for the angular dependence of E and G for the composite material were established by testing bar specimens; the shear modulus was measured using G-crystals on opposite faces as well as by positioning E-crystals in slots near the opposite ends. In the case of circular disk specimens of a large diameter, the G-crystals are limited by the energy dissipation in the composite; positioning E-crystals in slots at the opposite ends of diameters provides a convenient way of measuring G.
Keywords Young's modulus, shear modulus, pultruded composites, circular disk specimen, piezoelectric sensors.

Theme : Mechanical and Physical Properties

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