Paper number 288


Ferrier E., Hamelin P.

Laboratoire mécanique et matériaux L2M, Université Claude Bernard Lyon 1, IUT A génie civil, 43 bd, du 11 novembre 1918, 69622 Villeurbanne France.

Summary Composite materials find their application in civil engineering in the strengthening of reinforced concrete and pre-stressed concrete structures. The design method of these reinforcement is based on classical methods used for reinforced concrete structure, taking into account the slip phenomena at the interface. The mechanical behavior of each material and particularly the damage states of steel, concrete and composite are also considered. If short term and long term behavior law of steel, concrete and composite has been well identified for, it's different for concrete composite interface. Varastehpour has brouht out the necessity to determine the shear mechanical law behavior of the concrete/composite interface [1]. The environmental action on concrete-composite adhesive layer should modify this law. It is necessary to identify the influence of combined effects "time-temperature-water-strength" on composite reinforcement.
Keywords carbon epoxy reinforcement, creep, thermo-stimulate test, moisture, temperature.

Theme : Reinforcement and repair in Civil Engineering and Building Construction

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