Paper number 335


E.V. Morozov1, S.A. Silantiev2 and E.G. Evseev2

1Department of Mechanical Engineering, University of Natal, 4041 Durban, South Africa
2Department of Mechanics and Optimisation of Processes and Structures, MATI - Russian
State University of Technology,
3Orshanskaya Street, Moscow, 125351 Russia

Summary Dynamic loading including impact are of great importance in manufacturing and exploitation of composite materials. Hence, the development of methods for crack resistance estimation is the keynote problem for reinforced plastics. The impact behavior of composites depend on such factors as the material structure (physical-mechanical properties of material, volume of the components, specific conditions of manufacturing), environmental and exploitation conditions (temperature, moisture, loading parameters, etc... As a result, development of methods for fracture analysis including appropriate model for crack origin, its start and moving, is of great difficulty. The theoretical-experimental method is proposed for determining the parameters of impact fracture of composite materials.
Keywords fracture resistance, composite laminates, impact loading, stress intensity factor.

Theme : Mechanical and Physical Properties ; Dynamic, Impact and crashworthiness

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