Paper number 338


Jerome S. Berg

Manager of Technical Service, True Temper Sports
Society of Manufacturing Engineers-Board Advisor Representing the Recreation Industry

Summary The popularity of carbon fiber composites as a primary structure for components in sporting goods appeared to gain momentum in the late 1980s and early 1990s. Particularly in the golf industry, these materials offered lighter weight, a variety of design options not possible with steel, and a high tech image to a rather affluent market. The sporting goods consumer desires equipment which represents the latest technology and is more expensive than his competitor's. Sporting goods companies are searching for the next advanced material that will allow them to gain another niche in the marketplace which will command a higher price and margin.
Successfully implementing these new technologies with the associated research and development requires partnerships among the sporting goods industries, the material vendors, and the academic community. Several product development efforts including metal matrix materials, robust resin systems, and high modulus carbon fibers are discussed.
Keywords sporting goods, golf, metal matrix, composites.

Theme : Industrial Applications

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