Paper number 353


Chen Haoran1, Wang Limin1,2, Xu Shilang1, Wang Jindong1

1 Dalian University of Technology, Dalian 116024, Liaoning, P. R. China.
(E-mail ChenHR@GingKO.DLUT.Edu.CN )
2 Shandong Institute of Technology, Zibo 255012, Shandong, P. R. China

Summary Bimaterials are composed of two kinds of media. The effects of the mechanical state of the interfaces of different media on the material's performance are important. In the fields of the linear elastic fracture mechanics, J-integral is equal to Strain Energy Release Rate(SERR), and Stress Intensity Factor (SIF) is another character in the discipline. The scope of application of the J-integral is firstly discussed in this paper. A schematic model of a skew crack near the bimaterial interface is established, and the corresponding numerical methods of calculating the two fracture mechanics characters are put forward. When the crack is very close to the interface, the values of the SERR and SIF of the crack-tip near the interface mainly depend on the bimaterial parameters and the angle between the crack face and the interface. If the crack occurs in the harder medium, the SERR is sensitive to the distance between the crack tip and the bimaterial interface.
Keywords crack, interface, bimaterials, strain energy release rate, J-integral, fracture mechanics.

Theme : Mechanical and Physical Properties ; Fracture Mechanics and Failure

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