Paper number 415


Katsuyoshi Moriya , Yasushi Nojima , Shigeto Nishide , and Koichi Yasuhira

Research Institute of Advanced Material Gas-Generator (AMG)
4-2-6, Kohinata, Bunkyo-ku, Tokyo, 112-0006, Japan

Summary Metal matrix composite (MMC) bling (bladed ring) for gas-turbine's compressor was developed. The bling was consist of monolithic titanium clad and hoop reinforced MMC core. The MMC core material was using titanium matrix coated fiber. The MMC core's fabrication process included winding of matrix coated fiber (wire) to pre-form and hot press consolidation of stacked pre-forms. The clad and the core were integrated into one piece ring with HIP. The results shows this process can minimize the misalignment and fiber breakage during consolidation. Uniform wire diameter, precise winding, and hot pressing are effective for successful processing. The burst spin strength of bling achieved 89% of coupon tensile strength.
Keywords metal matrix composite, titanium alloys, bling, ring, hoop reinforcement, gas-generator, rotor, processing, hot press, HIP, spin test.

Theme : Fibres ; Others

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