Paper number 444


Emmanuel Moulin1, Jamal Assaad1, Christophe Delebarre1 and Daniel Osmont2

1IEMN, UMR CNRS 9929, OAE Department, Université de Valenciennes et du Hainaut Cambrésis, le Mont Houy, BP 311, 59304 - Valenciennes Cedex, France.
2ONERA, Solid Mechanics and Damage Department, BP 72, 92322 - Chatillon Cedex, France.

Summary Integrated Health Monitoring of composite structures could be performed using Lamb waves generated by miniaturised piezoelectric transducers, intimately coupled to the materials. Therefore, in order to verify the practical feasibility and assess the performances of such a system, a specimen has been built. It consists of a carbon-epoxy composite plate containing a thin embedded piezoelectric element. A general experimental evaluation of this specimen has been conducted. In addition to a post-manufacturing check-up using non destructive testing techniques, the ability of generating efficient Lamb waves has been verified. A precise characterisation of the surface displacement field has also been enabled by using optical measurement techniques. Moreover, an original model of the considered specimen is presented and the obtained results are successfully compared to the experimental ones. The aim of the development of this modelling method is to get the ability of optimising the system, avoiding systematic experimentation.
Keywords health monitoring, Lamb waves, normal modes, finite element, piezoelectric transducer, non-destructive evaluation.

Theme : Smart Materials and Smart Manufacturing

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