Paper number 499


Kurt Olofsson1, Lesley Hudson2 and Richard Dutton2

1Swedish Institute of Composites(SICOMP), Box 271, S-94126 Piteň, Sweden
2URENCO, Capenhurst, Chester, Cheshire, CH1 6ER, UK

Summary A model for wet filament winding has been extended to enable process simulation of advanced pipe structures consisting of multiple materials. The extension includes treatment of different coefficients of thermal expansion in glassy and rubbery state and use of multiple materials. A common problem in wet filament winding manufacturing is the occurrence of delaminations. Two basic types of delamination modes have been identified by out-of-plane tensile testing of flat laminates. These modes have been assumed to also exist in pipes. The test results have been used together with the process model to control the manufacturing process and eliminate delamination problems in pipe structures. Analysis of five manufacturing cases are presented. Three of these cases had delamination problems in production which were all solved by use of process simulations.
Keywords process model, filament winding, delamination.

Theme : Processing, Integrated Design and Manufacturing

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