Paper number 545


L. Dong, C. Lekakou and M. G. Bader

School of Mechanical and Materials Engineering, The University of Surrey,
Guildford, Surrey GU2 5XH,UK

Summary In the RTM processing, fibre reinforcement is draped over complex mould surface, resulting local variations in the fibre volume fraction and fibre orientation, which have significant effects on the permeability of the reinforcement during resin infiltration and on the properties of the composite product. This paper presents draping simulations of fabrics by following a mechanical approach. In this approach, an explicit dynamic FEA was employed. The fabric was considered as a solid continuum with mechanical properties and friction properties at interfaces. To incorporate large shear deformation of fabric during draping, an up-dated material behaviour law was adopted. Simulations were focused on the draping of a fabric into a hemisphere. The predictions were compared with the results from non-updated material, experimental data and those from a "fishnet" algorithm. Vf and mechanical properties of the composite product can be predicted from the results of draping.
Keywords drapability, modelling, simulation, fabrics, resin transfer moulding.

Theme : Textiles ; Design and Processing

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