Paper number 573


P. Vannucci, X. J. Gong & G. Verchery.

ISAT - Institut Supérieur de l’Automobile et des Transports,
LRMA - Laboratoire de Recherche en Mécanique et Acoustique,
49, Rue Mademoiselle Bourgeois - BP 31, 58027 Nevers Cedex, France.

Summary In this paper, we show the existence of a particular class of solutions to the problem of quasi-homogeneous laminates, that is laminates that have the same behaviour in stretching and in bending, with no coupling. We call quasi-trivial this type of solutions, to emphasise the fact that it is not necessary to solve directly the equations governing the problem of quasi-homogeneity to find them. A very special feature of this class of solutions is the fact that no predetermined orientation is fixed for the plies. A surprising result is the existence of a great number of solutions.
Keywords laminates, uncoupling, quasi-homogeneity, polar representation, plane tensors, composites design, inverse problems.

Theme : Design Methods and Optimisation

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