Paper number 670


X. Aubard1, L. Champaney2, C. Cluzel2,3, L. Guitard2, P. Ladevèze2

1Société Européenne de Propulsion
Le Haillan BP37 33165 St MEDARD-EN-JALLES (France)
2LMT Cachan - E.N.S. de Cachan / C.N.R.S. / Univ. P. et M. CURIE
61, avenue du Président Wilson 94235 CACHAN Cedex (France)
3IUT GMP EVRY - Cours Mrg Roméro 91000 EVRY (France)

Summary This paper deals with problems of yarn debonding. Taking into account this type of damage is very important to predict the rupture of structures made with 4D Carbon/Carbon composite. This type of damage occurs principally in that material near free surfaces. This is due to an edge effect which modifies the local distribution of the stresses near a free surface. The study of this phenomenon is made at a meso scale with 3 constituents: the fibers, the matrix and the interfaces. A non-linear-damage model is introduced for the interface. Large scale F. E. calculations are done using special numerical methods adapted to such problems: a domain decomposition approach associated with the LATIN method.
Keywords 4D Carbon/Carbon - Damage mechanics - Computations - Edge effects.

Theme : Mechanical and Physical Properties ; Modelling

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