Paper number 672


Chris M. Boyer

Département Mécanique des Systèmes, Faculté Léonard De Vinci
92916 Paris la Défense Cedex

Summary This article presents a method to interpret the data issued from a multifrag-mentation test. The goal of this experiment istoevaluate the defect concentration along the fibre. The coupon is constituted by a fibre embedded with matrix which transfers the load along the fibre so that many fibre breaks appear during the test. Because of the length of the load transfer, the gauge length varies during the test. Moreover the most critical defects hide other less critical defects. Then the estimation of the concentration of fibre defects is not direct. The paper presents a methodology and a transformation to interpret the test results. Based on a numerical simulation, the transformation takes into account both process of hidden defects and variation of gauge length. Numerical tests are presented to prove the efficiency of the method and finally an experimental test is interpreted.
Keywords defect density, multifragmentation test, results interpretation, test simulation, hidden defects, variant gauge length.

Theme : Interface and Interphase ; Mechanical Properties

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