Paper number 679


Vyacheslav A. Barynin1, Vladimir A. Bunakov2, Alexandr F. Rasin1,

and Valery V. Vasiliev2
1Central Research Institute of Special Machine Building, Khotkovo, Moscow Region, 141350, Russia
2Department of Mechanics and Optimization, MATI - Russian State University of Technology, Orshanskaya 3, Moscow, 121552, Russia

Summary The paper is concerned with design and fabrication of composite lattice structures made from carbon and aramid epoxy composite materials by automated filament winding. An integrated process resulting in high-performance lattice structures and including interrelated design, analysis, fabrication and testing procedures is described in application to cylindrical launch vehicle interstages loaded with axial compression. Governing equations, design conceptions, and fabrication methods are presented for typical lattice structures whose specific features and efficiency are discussed and highlighted with respect to traditional stringer-stiffened and sandwich structures.
Keywords aerospace applications, composite structures, design, analysis, fabrication.

Theme : Industrial Applications ; Aerospace Applications

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