Paper number 681



1L.A.M.E.F.-E.N.S.A.M. Esplanade des Arts et Métiers 33405 Talence Cedex - FRANCE

Summary This paper deals with a method to study the responses of laminated composite structures under impact loading. A preliminary study takes into account the influence of the coupling mass-velocity on some responses such as the contact force between striker and structure, the displacement of the projectile, and the damage induced inside the composite. The importance of the dimensions of composite beams and plates is shown for the same responses. Experimental design based technique is used. This method is powerful to provide to designer some empirical polynomials giving the evolution of mechanical responses as a function of the variables of the system. A factorial and Doehlert matrix were used for the laminated composites.
Keywords impact, experimental design, modelling, damage, delamination, cracks, size effect, metrology.

Theme : Mechanical and Physical Properties ; Dynamic, Impact and crashworthiness

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