Paper number 723


S. P. Yushanov, A. E. Bogdanovich, and M. H. Mohamed

3TEX, Inc., 1017 Main Campus Drive, Suite 3200, Raleigh, NC 27606, U.S.A.

Summary Predictive methodology for effective thermoelastic properties of 3D orthogonal and multiaxial woven composites is developed. Based on a generic stochastic geometric characterization of a 3D fiber reinforcement, this methodology allows one to predict effective properties of composites with random deviations of the reinforcement paths from the designed, "perfect" ones. This enables to incorporate certain types of possible but hardly predictable processing/manufacturing flaws and imperfections (for example, fiber waviness, misalignment, and misplacement) in the material performance evaluation. Numerical results obtained for the effective properties of two novel classes of 3D woven composites are compared to the experimental data. Sensitivity analysis is performed to study the effect of reinforcement imperfections on the mean values and standard deviations of the effective elastic characteristics.
Keywords textile composites, 3D weaving, stochastic mechanics, stiffness averaging, effective properties, manufacturing flaws, sensitivity analysis.

Theme : Textiles ; Design and Processing

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