Paper number 800


T.-T. Wu1, and Y.-H. Liu1

1Institute of Applied Mechanics, National Taiwan University, Taipei, TAIWAN

Summary In this paper, we developed a hybrid elastic wave method to determine the anisotropic constants of a thin fiber-reinforced composite plate. The method is based on the measurements of the pure mode bulk ultrasonic wave velocities as well as the Lamb wave velocities. The formulae of the pure mode plane wave propagation in an orthotropic medium are summarized, first. Then, the numerical results of Lamb wave dispersion in a thin fiber reinforced plate are presented. In the experimental part, the conventional ultrasonic velocity measurements were conducted to measure the pure mode velocities of a unidirectional fiber reinforced composite and obtain the three corresponding elastic constants. The remaining elastic constants of the unidirectional composite plate were then obtained by using the inverse analyses of the Lamb wave dispersion.
Keywords fiber reinforced composite, laser ultrasonics, Lamb wave, anisotropy.

Theme : NDE and Reliability ; Ultrasonic Inspection

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