Paper number 805


L. Manevitch1, A. Pavlenko2

1Department of Polymer and Composite Materials, Institute of Chemical Physics, Russia Academy of Science, 117977, Kosygin str.,4, Moscow, Russia
2Department of Mathematics, Metallurgical Academy, 320005, Gagarin str.,
Dnepropetrovsk, Ukraine

Summary The approximate analytic approach is elaborated to use efficiently the elasticity theory of anisotropic bodies and fracture mechanics for description of the behavior of composite materials in different loading conditions. The approach is based on asymptotic analysis of equi- librium or motion equations and boundary conditions for strongly anisotropic media using small parameters which characterize typical relationship between different rigidities. Such an analysis allows to formulate substantiated boundary problems of composite micromechanics admitting an analytical solution in many important cases. As result the stress distributions in fibers and matrix are calculated for static loading. The essential attention is paid to the fracture mechanics of com- posite material taking into account its inhomogeneous structure, particularly to adhesion frac- ture. The applicability of different conventional approaches to micromechanics of composite materials is examined.
Keywords composite structure, adhesion, fracture mechanics, stress distribution.

Theme : Mechanical and Physical Properties ; Damage Mechanics

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