Paper number 843


Yasuo KOGO1 Yoshifumi NAKAYAMA1 Hiroshi HATTA2 and Ken GOTO2

1Department of Materials Science and Technology, Science University of Tokyo 2641 Yamazaki, Noda, Chiba 278-8510, Japan
2The Institute of Space and Astronautical Science 3-1-1, Yoshinodai, Sagamihara, Kanagawa 229-8510, Japan

Summary Carbon fiber-reinforced carbon matrix composites (C/Cs) are usually used with anti-oxidation coating applied on their surface. The data of bonding strength between the coating and C/C substrate is indispensable for material design of C/C structures. Standardized measuring methods to evaluate the bonding strength, however, have not been established and the scratch method or the indentation method have attempted to be used. The results by these methods, however, do not give quantitative bonding strength and are useful only for relative comparison between specimens with the same geometry. In this paper, the bonding strength between SiC coating and the C/C substrate with various coating conditions was attempted to be measured by newly designed shear loading method. Experimental results were discussed in terms of thermal and mechanical loading conditions. Through these discussions, it was revealed that the energy release rate criterion could predict the bonding strength between the SiC coating and the C/C substrate.
Keywords C/C composites, SiC-coating, bonding strength, shear loading.

Theme : Ceramic Matrix and C/C Composites ; Interface and Interphase

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