Paper number 983


Michael W. Hyer and Jaret C. Riddick

Department of Engineering Science and Mechanics
Virginia Polytechnic Institute and State University, Blacksburg VA 24061 USA

Summary The paper examines the displacement response of round cylinders constructed in such a fashion that the crown and keel are made of one pseudo-isotropic laminate and the sides are made of another pseudo-isotropic laminate. The terminology segmented-stiffness is given to this construction. Considered is the displacement response for two loading conditions: 1) compressive axial strain, or 2) internal pressure but with the restraint that the overall axial strain is zero. Infinite-length and finite-length cylinders are studied, the former for pedagogical reasons. The distinguishing characteristic of this construction is the presence of a circumfer-ential displacement. For the finite-length case, in addition to the existence of a circumferential displacement, the radial displacement varies with circumferential location. For the axial strain condition the primary parameter responsible for these characteristics is the mismatch in the effective Poisson's ratios between the segments, while for the pressure loading condition, the mismatch between extensional moduli of the segments is responsible. The inplane shear moduli have much less influence on the problem.
Keywords internal pressure, compressive axial strain, nonaxisymmetric response.

Theme : Composite Structures ; Modelling

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