Paper number 994


Cheng Haifeng, Chen Zhaohui, Li Yongqing, and Zhang Changrui

Department of Material Engineering and Applied Chemistry,
National University of Defense Technology, Changsha, Hunan, 410073, PRC

Summary The activation and chemical plating technology of FeCo alloy coating on the surface of SiC fiber was studied and optimized, a kind of rounded and even coating could be produced according to the optimized technology. The deposition velocity function of the coating was determined. The tensile strength of SiC fiber after activation, plating and heat-treatment were measured, and the results showed that the intrinsic strength of SiC fiber did not decrease during these activation, plating or heat-treatment. The permeability and permittivity (at X band) of CoFe-coated SiC fiber was tested, and the influence of preparation condition on the electromagnetic property of the modified SiC fiber was investigated. The conclusion was that the modified SiC fiber is magnetic (>1) and its permittivity can be adjusted in a wide range.
Keywords SiC fiber, chemical plating, permittivity, permeability.

Theme : Fibres ; Others

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