ID 1001


Processing of Polymer Matrix Composites

Using Variable Frequency Microwave (VFM)



H S Ku1, F Y Siu2, E Siores3 and J A R Ball4

1IRIS Swinburne University of Technology (SUT); Faculty,

University of Southern Queensland, Australia.

2IRIS, Swinburne University of Technology (SUT);

Kwun Tong Campus, Hong Kong Institute of Vocational Education, Hong Kong.

3Industrial Research Institute Swinburne (IRIS),

Swinburne University of Technology (SUT), Henry Street, Hawthorn, VIC 3122, Australia.

4Electrical, Electronic & Computer Engineering, University of Southern Queensland (USQ), West Street, Toowoomba, 4350 Australia.


Keywords: variable frequency microwaves (VFM), 33% by weight glass fibre-reinforced Nylon 66 [Nylon 66/GF (33%),

penetrating radiation, controlled electric filed distribution, selective and volumetric heatin