ID 1211


The Mechanism on Their Sustainable Reuse for SiCp/Al Matrix Composites

and the Controllable Methods during Remelting and Recycling



Zhongliang Shi1, Tongxiang Fan1, Renjie Wu1, Mingyuan Gu1,

Di Zhang1, J. C. Lee2 and H. I. Lee2

1State Key Laboratory of Metal Matrix Composites, Shanghai Jiao Tong University,

Shanghai 200030, China

2Division of Materials Science and Engineering, Korea Institute of Science and Technology, Cheongryang,

 P. O. Box 131, Seoul, 136-791, Korea


Keywords: SiCp/Al composite, oxidized SiCp/Al composite, interfacial reaction,

mechanical property, sustainable reuse, thermostable phase, nanosized MgO