Plenary Presentations

Research and Development of Advanced Composite Materials for Aerospace Industry in China

Unrealized Potential of Composites in Offshore

Predicting Failure in Fibre Composites: Lessons Learned from the World-Wide Failure Exercise

Recent Advancement in Carbon Nanotubes and Their composites

Recent R & D of Smart Composites in Japan

Strain Invariant Failure Criteria for Fiber Reinforced Polymeric Compoiste Materials

Composite Materials in the Airbus A380-From History to Future-

3-D Modeling of Microvoid Formation in Resin Transfer Molding

Characterization and Analysis of Buckling-Induced Delamination in Composites

Rapid Insertion of Composites

Spacecraft in the 21st Century:Taking Today¡¯s Design Drivers out of the Space Equation

Composites: from Theory to Practical Applications

The Challenge for Advanced Composites to Increase Applications on Commercial Aircraft ,A Discussion on Research and Development in Materials and