Interphases & Interfaces

Interfacial Evaluation of Electrodeposited Carbon Fiber/Epoxy Composites by Electro-Micromechanical and Nondestructive Techniques

Interfacial Reaction in Whiskers Reinforced Magnesium Matrix Composites

Effect of Whisker Coating Treatment on the Strength of Al18B4O33/AC4CH Alloy Composites

Initial Micro Fracture Behavior of Woven Fabric Composites

Transcrystalline Isotactic Polypropylene Studied by Synchrotron Microbeam X-Ray Diffraction

Relation Between Interfacial Properties and Thermal-Cold Fatigue of Continuous-Glass-Fibre Reinforced Polypropylene Composites

The interface Microstructure of SiCf/Al Composites

Adhesion Enhancement by Introducing a LaRC PETI-5 Interphasial to IM7/BMI Composites

On Fracture Behavior of Crack Body with a Fine Short Fiber

Residual Stress and Bonding Strength of 3Y-TZP/Ti Zygote

Interface between Fiber Reinforced Plastic Rod and Concrete

Prediction of Glass Transition Temperature and Key Engineering Properties of Dry/Wet Epoxy Based Composite Matrix

The Curved Interfacial Crack Analysis Between Foam and Compoite Materials under Tensile Loading

A Study on the Wave-interfacial Structure in Composite Materials

Effects of Matrix Plastic Properties on Stress Transfer and Tensile Strength of Glass Fibre/Epoxy Resin Unidirectional Composite

Adhesion Improvement Between Vinyl Ester Resin and Carbon Fibers

Influence of Interface on the Behavior of Polypropylene Reinforced with Short Glass Fibers

Formation of WC/Co Composite Layer on the Surface of Al-12Si Alloy by Laser Surface Alloying

Measurements of Matrix Deformation near Broken Fibre by means of Photo-Elastic Technology

Time-Temperature Dependence on Flexural Behavior of GFRP with Different Surface Treatment for Glass Fiber 

Affordable Interphase in Injection Moldings:Creation of Interphase and Mechanical Properties GF/PP Composites

Effect of Specimen Size on Interfacial Behavior in the Fiber Pull Out Test

Effect of Surface Treatment on Mode II Interlaminar Fracture Behaviour of Plain Glass Woven Fabric Composites: Report of the Third SIMS Round Robin Test 

Affordable Interphase Composites -- Concept ,Fabrication, Property--

Surface Mechanical Property Variations in Sized Glass Fibre and Influence on Performance of Glass/ Polypropylene Matrix Composites

On the Characterisation of Fibre/Matrix Interfacial Degradation under Cyclic Loading - A New Method