Mechanical & Physical Properties

Developments in High Modulus Fine Fibre Reinforcements for Composite Materials
Micromechanics Analysis on Evolution of Crack in Viscoelastic Composite Materials
Finite Element Analysis for Tensile Properties of Random Short Al2O3 Fiber Reinforced Aluminum Alloy Composite
Some Studies on Interlaminar and Intralaminar Fracture Toughnesses of Multilayered Composite Structures
The Thermal Conductivity of Misaligned Short-Fiber-Reinforced Polymer Composites
Microstructure and Mechanical Properties of Ultrafine Grade Ti(CN) Cermets
Theoretical and Experimental Study on Long Term Structural Characteristics of Steel-Concrete Composite Slabs,Prestressed in both Directions
Effect of Cold Deformation on Fatigue Behaviours of Particulate Reinforced MMC
Interface Stresses Evaluation Software for Inelastic Laminates with Free Edges
Postbuckling Behaviour of Composite Sandwich Plate Containing Interfacial Debonding
Geometrical Nonlinear Analysis of Orthotropic Rectangular Thin Plates with Three Edges Clamped and One Edge Simply Supported
Thermal-Mechanical Fatigue Behavior of a Unidirectional B/Al Metal-Matrix Composite
The Low-Energy Impact Resistance and Damage Tolerance of Thermoplastic-Based Fibre-Metal Laminates
Elastic and Viscoelastic Behavior of Filament Wound Polyethylene Fiber Reinforced Polyolefin Composites
Effect of Particulate SiC on Grain Size, Aging Response and Tensile Fracture Behavior of AM60 Magnesium Alloy Matrix Composites
New Progress on Prediction Methodology for Residual Strength of Damaged Composite Laminates in ASRI
Delamination Controlled Ballistic Resistance of Polyethylene/Polyethylene Composite Materials
Interacting Damage Modes in Titanium-Graphite Hybrid Laminates
Fatigue Growth Behavior of Mode I Delamination in Composite Laminates Subjected to Hydrothermal Environments
An Investigation on the Impact Resistance and Residual Compressive Strength of Composite Materials
Block Loading and Spectrum Fatigue Studies of Notched Composite Specimens
Fatigue Behaviour of Composite Joints with Hexagon Bolts
Numerical and Experimental Study of the Elastoplastic Behaviour of GFRP Laminates
Nonlinear Transient Analysis of Laminated Plates Subjected to Transverse Low-Velocity Impact
Predictions of Nonlinear Behavior and Strengths of Thick Composites with Fiber Waviness using FEA Model
Axial Fatigue Strength of Open-Hole Specimens of T800H/PMR-15 Carbon/Polyimide Composite at Room and High Temperatures
Axial and Flexural Fatigue Behavior of Woven Composites
Fiber Fatigue Caused by Repeated Longitudinal Compression
The Effect of Steady Torsion on Fatigue Crack Initiation and Propagation of a SiC Particle Reinforced Cast Aluminum Matrix Composite
Damping Plateau Created By Fatigue Cracks in UD Fiber Composites
Simulation of Interlaminar Damage using Decohesion Elements
Creep Fracture Strength of Carbon Fiber Reinforced Thermoplastic Polyimide
Damage Modelling in Cross-Ply Composite Laminates with Double-Edge-Semicircular Notches
Numerical Modeling of Discontinuously Reinforced MMCs by Three-Dimensional Multi-Inclusion Unit Cells
Determination of Delamination Onset in Composite Laminates by Application of Acoustic Emission
Influence of Physical and Geometrical Nonlinearities on Failure Analysis of Composite Pressure Vessels
Study on Damage Development of Woven Fabric Composites under Low Temperature
Linking Micro-Mechanical Measurements to Macro-Mechanical Properties
Experiment and Analytical Simulation of Transverse Cracks in Multidirectional Symmetric CFRP Laminates
Mechanical Properties of the Al-25Si-X Composite and its Fracture Mechanisms
On Composite Homogenization Theory
Strength Analysis of Filament-Wound Fiber-Reinforced Composite Pipes under Internal Pressure
Split Angle-Ply Beam Specimen for Measurement of Fracture Toughness with Mode III Stress State
Effects of Long Term Hygrothermal Cycling on Glass/Vinyl Ester Composite
Studying Tensile Strength of Discontinuous Fiber Composites with Statistic Method
Analysis of Arbitrary Beam Sections with Non-Homogeneous Anisotropic Material Properties
Effects of Adjacent Fibre Direction on the Resistance of Laminates to Delamination Fracture
Influence of Reinforcement Fiber Ends on Low-Cycle Fatigue Behavior for Ti-Alloy Matrix Composites
Fracture Mode Άρ& Άς Intimate Layer Performance Analysis Comparison
The Influence of DDS upon Damage Tolerance after Barely Visible Impact Damage (BVID)
Effects of Z-Pins Reinforcement on Interlaminar Mode I Delamination
Prediction of Onset Delamination along Free Edges Laminates
The e-S-N Surface Model of Composite Fatigue
Buckling Analysis of Laminated Composite Plates Using Higher-Order Shear Deformation Theory
Microstructure of the Trabecula in the Fore-Wing of Beetle and its Mechanical Properties
Incorporation of a Compliance Change due to Impact in the Prediction of Damage Growth in Sandwich Panels
Modeling of Brittle particle Fracture in Particle Reinforced Ductile Matrix Composites by 3D-Unit Cells
Micromechanical Deformation of Single Poly(ethylene terephthalate) Fiber and Polypropylene Matrix Model Composites
Numerical Prediction of the Mechanical Properties of Woven Fabric Composites
Influence of Firing Tension on the Mechanical Properties of Polymer - Derived SiC Fibers
Identification of the Orthotropic Stiffnesses of Composites with the Virtual Fields Method:Procedure for Automatic Determination of the Virtual Fields
Beam on Elastic Foundation and Micro-Fiber Bending
The Fatigue Behavior at High Temperatures of a SiC/SiC Composite with a Multilayered Matrix
Off-Axis Creep of Unidirectional Polymer Matrix Composites Subjected to Step Changes in Stress at Elevated Temperature
Stress Relaxation Behavior of Angle-Ply CFRP Laminate at Elevated Temperature
On the Micromechanical Models for Cross-Ply and Angle-Ply Laminates and Unified Periodical Boundary Conditions
Investigation on the Micromechanics during Creep in Graphite Fiber/Epoxy Composites
Experimental and Theoretical Studies for Fatigue Behavior of Polyester Cord Reinforced Rubber Composites
Examination of Compression After Impact (CAI) Test Methods and Relationships with Open Hole Compression (OHC)
Non-Axial Compression of Continuous Fiber-Reinforced Composite Tubes
Effects of Mechanical and Thermal Loads on Propellant Leak through CFRP Laminates for Tanks of Reusable Rockets
Modelling Combined Delamination and Matrix Cracking in Laminated Composite Structures
Micromechanical Finite Element Analysis of Unit Cells for Particle Reinforced Composites
Comparison of Microbuckling Model and Kink Band Model in Predicting Compressive Strength of Composites
Effects of Reciprocation Number on the Friction Behaviors of Carbon/Epoxy for Various Fiber Orientations and High Contact Pressures
Experimental and Theoretical Investigation of Transverse Cracking Damage in +/ - 45 deg Laminates Subjected to Equal Biaxial Tension
Buckling Response of Sandwich Composites; Effect of Core Density and Implanted Interface Cracks
Effects of Reinforcements on the Wear Behavior of Hybrid Metal Matrix Composites
Fatigue Behaviour of Stitched Composite Laminates
High Velocity Impact Responses of Polymer Composites- An Experimental and Finite Element Study
Interlaminar Damage Resistance of Z-Fiber Reinforced Structural CFRP
The Mixed-Mode Interlaminar Fracture Toughness of Composite on Hygrothermal Conditions
Cyclic Thermoplastic Shear of the Interface around a Broken Fiber in Composites
3D Finite Element Simulation on Part Distortion of Curved Composite Structures
Modelling Damage Development in Carbon/Epoxy Overheight Compact Tension (OCT) Specimens
Tensile Fatigue Properties of GFRP for Ship Structures after Long Term Operation
A Micromechanics Model for Thermoelastic Properties of Woven Composites
Micro-Braided Yarn as Intermediate Material System for Continues Fiber Reinforced Thermoplastic Composite
3D Finite Element Investigation of Localization Issue in Strain Rate Dependent Material
Strain Rate Effects on the Tensile Behavior of Unidirectional Glass Fiber-reinforced Thermoset Composites
Notch Tensile Behaviour of Knitted Glass Fabric Reinforced Epoxy Composites
Stress Interactions in Unidirectional Fibre Reinforced Composites Subjected to Off-Axis Loading
Thermal Expansion in 3-D Braided Fiber Composites : Experimental and Numerical Results
A One-Dimensional Non-Uniform Damage Model for Structured Materials with Non-Local Spatial Dependence
Fracture-Mechanics-Based and Stress-Based Failure Criteria for Intra-Laminar Fracture in GFRP Laminates
Fatigue Damage Mechanisms in Advanced Hybrid Titanium Composite Laminates
Physical and Mechanical Properties of Cold Rolled PP/LCP Blends
Stress Intensity Factors Evaluation in Anisotropic Media by the Displacement Extrapolation Technique Media by the Displacement Extrapolation Technique
Rate Dependence of Interlaminar Fracture Toughness in Carbon-Fiber/Epoxy Composite Laminates under Mixed Mode Loading
Rigidity of Wood Composites with Carbon Fiber Reinforcement
Prediction of Low-Order Orientation Statistics for Alignment of Liquid Crystalline Polymers in Homogeneous Shear
Influences of Thermal-Mechanical Properties of Polymeric Cords on Tires with and without Post-Cure Inflation
Effect of the Interfacial Shear Strength on the Axial Tensile Strength of Fibrous Composites by means of 3D-FEM Simulation
Effects of the Substrate Materials on Fracture Toughness Measurement in Adhesive Joints
Application of Decohesion Model in Predicting Progressive Delamination of Composite Stiffened Panel and Rapaired Sandwich Panel
Micro-Electromechanics Models for the Electro-Magneto-Elastic Properties of PEMFRC Materials
Coupled Damaged Elasto-Dissipative Models for Numerical Analysis of Laminate Shells
Exact Solution for Laminated Composite Cylindrical Pipes under Transverse Loading
Compressive Behavior of Composite Laminates with Different Size Multiple Delaminations
Modeling and Characterization of Fatigue Strength of Laminated Composites with Knitted Fabric Reinforcement
Damage Analysis of Composite Laminates by 3D-Finite Element and Virtual Crack Extension Method
Damage Behavior of Rubber-Modified Epoxy Adhesive Joints
Determine the Size of "Local Domain" in Multi-Scale Analysis
Nonlinear Numerical and Experimental Analysis of Single Lap Adhesive Composite Joints with Delaminated Adherends
On a General Constitutive Model for Fibrous Laminates