Metal Matrix Composites

Thermal Residual Stress and its Effect on Mechanical Behavior of Aligned Short Fiber Reinforced Metal Matrix Composites

The Stress Transfer Theory for Short Fiber Reinforced Metal Matrix Composites

Mechanical Behaviour of SiC Monofilaments in Orthohombic Titanium Aluminides Composites

The Mechanical Properties of Improved Non-Coating C/Al Precursor Wires Fabricated by Ultrasonic Liquid Infiltration Method

Plastic Deformation of SicCw/6061Al, Composites

High Cycle Fatigue Property of TiC Particle Reinforced Titanium Matrix Composite

Effect of Carbon Content on the Microstructure of In-Situ TiCp/Fe Composite

Fabrication and Microstructure of Compo-casting Al18B4O33/Magnesium Alloy

Effect of SiC Particulates on the Microstructure of Mechanically Alloyed Al-6Ti-6Nb Matrix Composites

Microstructural and Mechanical Characterisation of Squeeze Cast High Volume Fraction SiCp Reinforced AZ91 Composite

Microstructure,Creep and Dilatometric Behaviour of Reinforced Magnesium Matrix Composites

Dynamic Mechanical Properties of Particulate Reinforced Matal-Matrix composites at Low Temperature

On the Properties of In-Situ Silicon Particles Reinforced ZA-27 Alloy

Mechanical Alloying and W-Cu, Mo-Cu Alloys

Modelling of the Influence of Fibre Distribution on Residual Stresses and Strength of Titanium Matrix Composites

Thermal Analysis of Solidification Behavior of SiC(p)/Al-Si Composites

Thermophysical Property Measurement of Metal Matrix Composites

Effect of Thermal History on the Thermal Expansion Behavior of SiC Whisker Reinforced Aluminum Composite

Study on Granulation of Dendrite TiC in TiCp/Ti Composite on the Heat Treatment Conditions

Reactive processing of copper matrix composites reinforced by TiB2

Fabrication of Alumina Short Fiber Reinforced Titnium Composite by Hot - press Method

Theoretical Analysis on Forming FRM by V-EPC Process

Fabrication of Titanium Matrix Composite Blade

Influence of Reinforcement on the Reactivity Layer Formation in Ti-Al Intermetallics Discontinuously Reinforced Al-Si-Mg Alloys

Effect of Residual Stress on Mechanical Behavior of SiC/Al Composite

The Effects of Mg Contents on the Mechanical Properties of AC8A Alloy Reinforced with ASZ Short Fibers

High Strain Rate Superplasticity of MMC and the Interfaces

Processing and Properties of High Quality Titanium Matrix Composites

Processing and Characterisation of SICp Reinforced Magnesium Matrix Composite

Fabrication and Mechanical Properties of TiNi/AL Alloy Smart Composite

The Mechanism on Their Sustainable Reuse for SiC/Al Matrix Composites and the Controllable Methods during Remelting and Recycling

Infiltration Process of Molten Aluminum by Spreading Wetting to Aluminum Borate Whisker Preform

Effect of Residual Stresses on Torque Behaviors of Composite Laminate

The Effect of Binder Amount and Heat Treatment on Coefficient of Thermal Expansion of High-Volume Fraction Particulate Aluminium-Matrix Composites