Smart Materials & Structures

On Fabrication and Mechanical Performance of Smart Composites Incorporating Fiber Optic Sensors

Microstrip Antenna for SAR Applications with Microwave Composite Laminates and Honeycomb Cores

Evaluation of Fiber Optic Sensor for Smart FRP Reinforcements and Structures

Kantorovich Optimization Solution of Ceramics-Metals Functionally Gradient Materials Cantilever Laminate

Simultaneous Monitoring of Impact Locations and Damages in Composite Laminates Using Piezoceramic Sensors

Fabrication and Evaluation of Shape Memory Alloy Particles Dispersed Titanium Composites

Delamination Identification Using Piezoelectric Sensors

Thermo-Mechanical Behavior of Smart Composites with Shape Memory Polymer

Shape Control of Structure with PZT Actuators Using Genetic Algorithms

Fatigue Crack Growth Monitoring of Cracked Aluminum Plate Repaired with Composite Patch Using Embedded Optical Fiber Sensors 

The Bending and Twisting Control of SMA/Graphite/Epoxy Composite Beams

Use of Smart Technologies in Bridge Construction

The Processing and Magnetoelectric Coupling Effect of Piezoelectric-Piezomagnetic Composites

Fuzzy Controller Design for Vibration of a Smart CFRP Composite Beam by Using LMI Method

Snap-through Phenomena on Nonlinear Thermopiezo-elastic Behavior of Piezolaminated Plates

Vibration Characteristics and Layup Design of CFRP Laminates with Embedded Shape Memory Alloy Fibers

The concept demonstrator program of the " Smart Materials and Structures System " Project in

Cure monitoring of FRP by FBG fiberoptic sensors in RTM molding process

Use of polarimetric sensor to detect the fatigue crack growth of matrix cracks in a cross-ply composite laminate

Elaboration and Characterization of Piezocomposite Materials

An Experimental Approach to Quantify Strain Transfer Efficiency of Fibre Bragg Grating Sensors to Host StructuresAnalysis of a Piezoelectric Cantilever with Non-uniform Body Force

Analysis of a Piezoelectric Cantilever with Non-uniform Body Force