Strengthening of Reinforced Concrete Nuclear Reactor Containment with Fiber Composite Laminate Materials

Structural Design of Medium Scale Composite Wind Turbine Blade

Structural Design and Deformation Analysis of FRP Lamp Poles

Curved Laminate Analysis

Analysis of Spatially Reinforced Composite Shells of Revolution

The Design and Manufacture of a Modular Composite(CFRP) Wingbox

An Experimental and Numerical Investigation into the Failure of Compressively Loaded Stiffener Runout Sections

Chambercore Testing and Analysis

An Application of FEM in the Analysis of Laminated Composite Plate

Design and Processing of Sandwich Composites with Multi-Functional Features

Analytical Treatment and Microstructural Correlations of Ipp Based Model and Macrocomposites

Thermoelastic Buckling of Laminated Composite Conical Shells

Parametric Study of Failure Stresses in Fiber-Reinforced Composite Laminates Subjected to Biaxial Tensile Load

Design,Fabrication and Testing of the Helicopter Tail Rotor Blade from Composite Laminated Materials

Composite Driving End Structures for Rail Rolling Stock

Through-Width Delamination in Non-Symmetric Laminate

An investigation on New Nonbuckling Composite Structures

An Alternative Fiber-Reinforced Plastic Pole Design

A Study of Electromagnetic Wave Propagation in the Foam Core Sandwich Structures

Failure of Pressurized Elliptical Composite Cylinders

Design Realisation and Testing of an Advanced Composite Unmanned Aircraft

Thermomechanical Analyses of Thin Composite Refractory Linings

Reduction of Residual Stresses in Composite Patch

Engineering Studies on a CFRP Structure for a High-Energy Physics Experiment

A Refined Study of the Rail Shear Test on Sandwich Beams

Maufacturing and Design of Interlocked Composite Grids

Effects of Multipoint Loading on the Bending of Sandwich Panels

An Automated Finite Element Modelling Tool for Analysis of Skin-to-Stiffener Debonds in Composite Aerospace Structures 

An Integrated Approach to the Cost Effective Optimum Design of Composite Aircraft Control Surfaces 

Numerical Investigation of the Influence of Orientation Defects on Bending-Tension Coupling of Laminates

Post Processing of FE Results Using Laminate Analysis Software

Transonic and Supersonic Nonlinear Flutter Characteristics of a Swept-Back Composite Wing Model

SIMONA Research Simulator:Lightweight Design for High Performance and Low Cost Manufacture

Computer Aided Design of Composite Shells

On the Calculation of Geodesic Tracks on Generic Shells of Revolution Using a Path-Following Technique 

Synthesis of Tri-Block Copolymer for Melt-Processable Molecular Composites

Elasticity Analysis of Functionally Graded Beams

Bending Strength Reduction in Slotted Filament-Wound Carbon/Epoxy Shafts

Bend/Twist Coupling Effects of Unsymmetrical and Unbalanced Laminate Used in Aircraft Wing structure Analysis  

3-Dimensional Stress Analyses around Rectangular Hole with Rounded Corners

Three-dimensional Stress Analysis of Laminated Composites near a Traction-free Planar Surface

Analysis of Strength of Orthogonal Anisotropic Plate with Edge Cracks(I)

Ballistic Protective Composites with a New Structure

Through thickness failure prediction of composite structural elements

New methods of spatial braiding textile composite structures

Non-Linear Analysis of Interlaminar Stresses in Composite Beams