Ceramic Matrix & C/C Composites

Oxidation Resistance Behavior of Silicon Hexaboride and Silicon Hexaboride Covered C/C Composite

Microstructure and Mechanical Properties of LiTaO3/Al2O3 Composite Ceramics

Modified Fracture Mirror Method and Application in Carbon Fibers/Silicon Carbide Composites

Combined Effects of External Coating and Fibre Contraction upon the Tensile Creep Behaviour of Nicalon/CVI SiC Ceramic Matrix Composites

Glass/SiC Coatings for Protecting Cf/SiC Composites Against Oxidizing

Determination of As-fabricated CMC Combustor Can Material Properties by Pressure Testing

Fabrication and Mechanical Properties of Sintered SiC Fiber Reinforced/Mullite-SiO2 Glass Composites

Fabrication and Microstructure of MoSi2 - SiC Composites

Fiber-Matrix Bonding Control in SiC/SiC Composites via the Use of Engineered Interphases: An Overview

Microwave Permittivity of 1D-C/C/SiC Composites Prepared by Forced-Flow Chemical Vapor Infiltration

Effect of Environment on Creep Behavior of SiC/SiC Composites

Oxidation Resistance of CVD BN Coatings: Correlation with Processing Conditions and with Precursor Gas Systems

Wear along Debonded Interfaces in SiC/SiC Composites Investigated using Push-Back Tests

Tensile Properties of C/C and Metal Impregnated C/C Composites

Strain and Stress Distribution in a Rotating Disk Made by 2-D C/C Laminated Composites

Rotational Tests of C/C Blisk Rotors 

Cf/Al2o3 Composite by Impregnation of Aluminum Nitride

Sintering behavior of SiC-AIN composite

First Matrix Cracking Behavior of Fiber Reinforced Ceramic Composites at Elevated Temperatures