Interlaminar Shear Test for Laminated Textile Fabric Composites

Specimen Development and Failure Modes Investigation in IOSIPESCU Intralaminar Shear Test

An Experimental Study on Forming Speed of The Surface Film on Liquid Aluminum

Cure Monitoring of Thermosetting Composites By Lacomtech Dielectrometry

A study on the Performance Test and Manufacture of the Dielectric Sensor for theCure Monitoring of the High Temperature Composites

Effect of Ultrasound on Epoxy Resin System and Interfacial Property

Hygromechanical Behaviour of CFRP under Humidity Cyclic Loadings

Post-Fire Properties of Composites Burnt by Cone Calorimetry and Large Scale Fire Testing

Environmental Degradation of Interfacial Properties in Carbon Fiber/Modified Bismaleimide Composites

A Method to Evaluate Interfacial Behavior of Fiber/Matrix

Measurement of Elastic Properties of TiB Wiskers by Vickers Micro-indentation

Measurement of Flexural Properties of Elastic Anisotropic Plates by Anticlastic Bending

The Determination of Fiber Statistical Strength by Fiber Fragmentation Tests

Thermal Conductive Polyimide/AIN Composite Materials

Static and Dynamic Compression of PUR Syntactic Foams

Propagation Study of Acoustic Emission Waves in Composite Materials

Ultrasonic Wave Velocity of Cracked FRP Laminates

Effect of Binder Configuration of the Tensile Properties of 3D Woven Composites

Experimental analysis of the behavior of steel fiber reinforced concrete in flexure