Load-Adapted 3D-Reinforcement through Function-Adjusted Stitching Technique

Geometric Analysis of 3D Woven Structures and Determination of Fiber Volume Fraction

Low-Velocity Impact Damage of Knitted Carbon Fabric/Epoxy Composites

A Survey of Modeling for Predicting the Mechanical Properties of Textile Composites

Unconventional Near-Net Shape Preforms for Thermoplastic Composites

The Application of a General Fibre Architecture Model for Composite Mechanical Property Prediction

Preforming Methods in Technology of Thermoplastic Composites in the New Millenium

Mechanical Properties of Three-Dimensional Woven Carbon Preform Reinforced Cellular Epoxy Matrix Composites

Permeability Prediction for Sheared,Compacted Textiles During Liquid Composite Moulding

Explicit Finite Element Simulations of Thermoset and Thermoplastic Sheet Composite Forming

Fracture and Mechanical Properties of Knitted Fabric Composites

External Pressure Stability Research of 3D 4-Step Braided Composite Shells

Design Methodology of a Ductile Hybrid FRP for Concrete Structures by the Braidtrusion process

Draping of Woven Composites over Irregular Surfaces

Numerical Simulation of Mold Filling in Resin Transfer Molding

Homogenisation of the Effective Thermal Conductivity Tensor of 2D and 3D Textile-Reinforced Composites

Estimation of Fabric Properties after Forming 

Thermal Conductivity of 3D braided Fiber Composites:Experimental and Numerical Resusts

Design and Construction of Cellular Textile Composites for Energy Absorption

Experimental Test Activity on Single Layer Triaxial Braided Composites

Application of standard finite element codes in global -local analysis of textile composites

Effect of Fabric Structure on the Mechanical Properties of 3-D Textile Composites

Influence of Sizing of Glass Fiber Roving on Mechanical Properties in Glass Fiber Braided Fabric Reinforced Phenolic Composite