Dynamic Response Behavior

Vibration Response of Thin Piezoelectric Laminated Plates
Elasticity Solution for Thick Laminated Circular Cylindrical Shallow and Non-Shallow Panels Under Dynamic Load
Mode II Interlaminar Fracture Toughness of Stitched CFRP Composites Under Impact Loading
Numerical Investigation into the Elastic Impact Response of Carbon-Fiber Epoxy Plates Validated with Experimental Data
Real-time Detection and Explicit Fracture Simulation of Delamination in Composite Laminates under Impact Loading
Investigation of Impact Residual Strength of Woven and Non-woven Carbon Fibre Composites
The Wave Propagation Characteristics of Laminated Beam Subjected to Impact of Particle with A Lower Velocity
Study on Impact Behavior of Composites using the Finite Element Method
Effect of Thickness on Impact of Ply Drops
Dynamic Response of Marine Composites to Slamming Loads
Penetration and Perforation Resistances of Laminated Glass/Epoxy Composite Plates
Vibration Control of Beams with Debonded Active Constrained Layer Damping 
Low and High Velocity Impact Response of Thin Walled Graphite/Epoxy Cylinders
Flexure Response of Stitched CFRP Laminates 
Experimental Study of Strain Rate Sensitivity of Carbon/Epoxy Composite
Characterization of Affordable Stitched Plain Weave Carbon/Epoxy Composites Under Impact Loading
Static Compressionand High Strain Rate Impact Response of Foam Core Sandwich Composites-1 
The Analytical Solution of Dynamic Stress-Intensity Factor KII(t) in Laplace Space of Orthogonal Anisotropic Plate with Crack 
Damage in GFRP Tubes Subjected to Projectile Impact 
Characterization of Dynamic Fracture Mode of Composite Materials by Hackle Marks Linear Density 
Elastic Wave Propagation Induced by Piezoelectric Actuators for Health Monitoring of Electromechanical Structures 
Low Velocity Impact Response of Foam Core Sandwich Composite-II