Industrial Applications

Reinforcement of Damaged Concrete Columns by Filament Winding of Thermoplastic Composites
Composite Cable Applications--Under and Out of This World
Designing for Assembly Status with Structural Adhesives in the Transportation Industry
Polymer Concrete with Metallic and Non-Metallic Reinforcement
Axial Energy Absorption of Sandwiched Composite Tubes 
Superposed Steel Fiber Concrete Slab in Reconstruction and Reinforcement of Smaller
Development of All-Composite Compressed Natural Gas(CNG) Pressure Vessel for Vehicle Use
Influence of Dome Cambered Shape on the Property of Filament-Wound Pressure Tank
Analysis of Flexural Behavior of Reinforced Concrete Beam Strengthened with Advanced Composite Materials
The Use of Multi-Layered Structures for Sports Mouthguards
Simplified Models for the Transfer Length in Concrete Structures Reinforced with Composite Materials
Composites in Primary Structures: Endurable and Crash Resistant Bottom Platform for a Go-Kart 
Investigation on Growth of Initial Cracks in Hybrid Beams
Experimental Analysis of Thick CFRP Bolted Joints
Composite Development in the Consumer Products Industry Opportunities and Challenges of the 21th Century
Composite Materials with a Microstructure Which Gives the Possibility Increasing Service Properties During Exploitation
Spectrum Response of Embedded Fiber Bragg Grating Sensors in Complicated Strain Field
Development of XF-2 Fighter Composite Structures (Cocured Composite Wings)
The Urban Distributor Light and Quiet Transport in Cities
The Finishing Touch Closing the Gap between Laboratory Material Development and Industrial Application for Fibre Metal Laminates
Study on the Thickening Mechanism of Phenolic SMC
An Efficient Resin-Wedge Anchorage System for Unidirectional CCFRP Rods
Analysis and Design of a Locomotive Transmission