Processing of Polymer Matrix Composites Using Variable Frequency Microwave(VFM)

Model for the Comparison of Convective and Contact Preheating in a Thermoplastic Pultrusion Process

Affordable Processing and Characterization of Multi-Functional Z-Pin Reinforced VARTM Composites

Primary Study on the Spinning Process of Screw Extrusion for Domestic High Performance Plastics PEEK

Integrated Three-Dimensional Mold Filling Simulations in Resin Transfer Molding

Preparation of High Corrosion Resistant (Pt+B203)/Ti Electrode with New Microstructure of Coat

Research on Electron Beam Curing of Bisphenol A Epoxy Resins

Manufacting and Joining of Advanced Thermoplastic Composites

Aluminum Matrix Composite and Composite Coatings Produced by the Plasma Spraying Process

Tool-Part Interaction in Autoclave Processing

Quantitative Analysis of Consolidation of Thermoplastic Composite Preforms

Robotic Tow Placement for Local Reinforcement of Glass Mat Thermoplastics

Numerical Optimisation of Mould Temperature Regime in RTM Process

3D Computer Simulations of Resin Molding

Effects of Hot Extrusion Parameters on Microstructure and Properties of RS P/M Al-7Fe-1.4Mo-1.4Si Alloy Based Composites

Diaphragm Forming of Thermoplastic Composites

Mechanical Properties of Super Drawn PE Sheet Laminates

Grindability of Unidirectional Carbon Fiber Reinforced Plastics

Making Metal Matrix Composites and Functionally Gradient Materials by the Incremental Melting and Solidification Process

Process Control for Thermoplastic Composites Utilizing Dielectric Properties in Matched-Die Press Molding

Effects of Mold Temperature and Cooling Rate on Mechanical Properties of Press Consolidated Thermoplastic Composite

Influence of Thermal Cycling on Properties of Al-Based MMC's Reinforced by Ceramic Fibres 

A Dual-Porosity Transport Model for Void Formation Optimization

Material Models for Simulation of Structural Composites Forming

Smart Processing by RTM of Composite Aerospace Structures

Consolidation of Thermoplastic Composites

Kinematics of Winding: a Quasi-Analytical Approach Using Four Degrees of Freedom, Applied on the Classof Ellipsoidal Shells of Revolution

Voids and Bubbles during Vacuum Infusion

Infusion of Thick-walled Carbon Epoxy Structures The Vacuum Infusion Process as Low-cost Alternative for Prepregging

Synthesis and Properties of Curable Epoxy-Backbone Maleimide Resin Using Radical Initiator

Study on Synthesis & Shrinkage Performance of Low Profile Additives in Which Molecular Structure having Polarity & Nonpolarity Segment

Effects of Strengthened Composites of Thermoplastic Matrix on Abrasion and Corrosion of Metal and Ceramic Mixing Parts

Cycle Time Optimisation of RTM Process with Optical Fiber Bragg Sensors

Pultrusion of Glass Fibre Reinforced / Maleated-PP Modified/PP Matrix Composites

Integrated Process Design and Quality Control in the Processing of Polymer Composites

Evolution of temperature and curing profiles during pultrusion of composites

Dielectric cure monitoring and optimisation in RTM

Vibration Assisted Resin Transfer Moulding (VIARTM)

Effects of the Interaction Between the Tool-Plate and the Laminates on Room-Temperature Out-of-Plane Deflection of Unsymmetric Carbon / Epoxy Laminates

Rheological Behavior and Modeling of Bismaleimide Resin for RTM Processing

An Affordable Simulation Tool for RTM Process

Morphology and Mechanical Property of Acrylate Modified Polyurethane/Unsaturated Polyester Graft IPNs

Solid Alloy of PEEK and SiO2 by Mechanical Alloying