ICCM 15 Conference Proceedings

Durban, S. Africa June 27-July 2, 2005

The proceedings have been made available by the conference organizers.

  - Click here to download .zip file of the proceedings

Note:  this is a 303 MB file which are the contents of the conference proceedings CD-ROM.  You will need to unzip, and then run an executable file in order to browse the abstracts and papers.  If you wish, you can burn the un-zipped files onto a CD.  See system requirements below:

System requirements:

  Adobe Acrobat Reader

PC Users:
- For files burned files onto a CD, if this disk does not automatically start then follow instructions below.
- For files on hard-drive (or did not auto-run from CD):  browse the folder in which the un-zipped files reside, then double click on the executable file "PC_Start.exe"

Mac Users:
- To run this CD, double click on the ICCM-15 CD icon on the desktop. When the window opens, double click on the MacOSX icon.