Joining & Repairing

Fusion Bonding of Thermoplastic Composites

Stress Analysis of Curved Joints with Non-uniform Bondline Thickness

Environmental Effects on the Bearing Strength in Stitched and Unstitiched Composite Laminates

Elastic-Plastic Model of Adhesive-Bonded Composite Joints

Effects of Surface Preparation on Long-Term Durability of Composite Adhesive Bonds

Three-Dimensional Stress Analysis of the T-Bolt Joint

Comparison of Fatigue Crack Growth Behavior of Thin and Thick Aluminum Plate with Composite Patch Repair 

Bolted Joint Strength of Heat-Resistant 3-D Composites

Progress in the Development of an Adhesive Joint Composites

Stress Singularity Approaches to Failure Initiation in Bonded Joints with Varying Bondline Thickness

Refined 3-D Stress Analysis and Design of Composite Wavy-Lap Joint

Effects of Manufacturing Parameters on the Tensile Load Bearing Capacity of a Co-cured Single Lap Joint

Bond Parameters Affecting to Fatigue Characteristics of a Co-cured Single Lap Joint Subjected o Cyclic Tensile Loads

An experimental Investigation of the Bearing Failure Mechanisms in Bolted Composite Joints

Joining of SiC Ceramic to Ni-Based Superalloy with Cu/Ta/Cu Multiple Interlayer