Durability & Aging

Compressive Strength/Degradation Relationship of Carbon/BMI Composites after Thermal Cycling and Aging for the Second Generation SST Structures
Ageing Mechanisms of Advanced Polymer Matrix Composites
Effects of Wet/Hot Spectrum Aging on Strength of Composite Laminates
A Correlation of Fluid-Induced Damage and Anomalous Fluid Sorption in Polymeric Composites
Moisture Induced Dimensional Changes in Composite Materials
Prediction of Matrix Properties for Composite Durability
Measurements of Micro Scale Defects in Polymer Composites
Comparison of the Seawater Durability of Carbon-and Glass-Polymer Composites
High Temperature Stability of Advanced Thermosetting Resin Based Compoosite
Long-Term Durability Performance for Advanced High Temperature Polymer Matrix Composites
Characteristic of Crack Propagation and Threshold in Woven GFRP Laminates under Acid Stress Environment
Impact Effects on Concrete Beams Stregthened with Composite Laminates
Structural Integrity of Construction Components Built up with Polymer Matrix Composites
Identification of 3D Moisture Diffusion Parameters on Thick Composites: Theory and Validation
Three-Dimensional Investigation of the Bearing Failure Mode of Quasi-Isotropic CF/Epoxy Laminates under Various Environmental Temperatures 
Time-Temperature Dependence of Tensile Strength of Unidirectional CFRP
The Effects of Pressure on Thermal Aging of Graphite/Epoxy Composite
Study on Acid Stress Corrosion in E Glass and C Glass Reinforced Vinylester Composites
Microstructural Effects on the Corrosion Behaviour of Carbon/Aluminium Composite Materials
Time-Temperature Dependence of Tensile Fatigue Strength for GFRP/Metal and GFRP/Metal Bolted Joints
Thermal Aging and Moisture Absorption on Mechanical and Physical Properties of Cyanate Ester Polymers and Composites
Thermoelastic Stress Analysis of Aged Sandwich Structures
Development of a Predictive S.C.C. Model for the Durability of Flexural GFRP Beams in Moist Environments
Novel Low Emission Vinyl Polyester Resin for High Strength and Corrosion Resistance Composite Applications